Are there pieces available in solid gold/platinum/... ? 
Yes, every piece is available in other materials on request only (info@fleerackers.com).

Can I visit your studio?
Studio visits are always possible on appointment. Please contact us via email (info@fleerackers.com) or send us a DM on instagram (@fleerackersjente) to make your appointment. 

Do you make custom pieces? 
Yes, on request only (info@fleerackers.com) and you can check out our instagram for all the custom work we offer (@fleerackersjente).

Why does my silver jewellery change colour?
Silver has the tendency to naturally oxidize. This oxidation very dependant on the 
pH values of your skin. You can always try to clean your own jewellery using a silver polish cloth or dishwashing liquids. In any case we do provide a cleaning service on appointment (info@fleerackers.com).

How should I get my finger sized?
The ring sizes are in European size units and they can be measured at any jewellery retailer. You can also look online for a size converter or book a studio appointment to get your ring size measured with us (info@fleerackers.com).

For any and all other questions please send us an email: info@fleerackers.com